About Me

My entire life and how it has fallen together does nothing but paint a perfect picture of God’s continual grace, provision and sense of humor. In spite of hard times, bad hair days and spilling coffee on my white shirts, I cannot complain about much. My days are laced with grace, love and an inappropriate amount of laughter.

I am recently engaged to a High School Musical and Disney enthusiast who has a knack for telling corny puns. He loves me well and makes me laugh at the same time. We both just graduated from Messiah College and are finding our way through adulthood with new jobs and small apartments. I work in Children’s Ministry and at 2 non-profit Christian organizations which both have goals to help impoverished children in the third world. My life is crazy, full and so, so sweet.

These are the stories of my adventures, failures and the stand-up comedy act that is my life.